Does your kid need something fun to look forward to? In the midst of virtual school, disrupted schedules, and meltdowns, has 2021 already left your family wishing for summer to get here? We all want great summer experiences for our kids that are fun, make them laugh, and get them out of the house! Bonus points if they can bring their friends and it won’t break the bank.

Big Gross Adventure is the answer you’re looking for! Your kid will get to be a part of a team, get messy, and laugh a lot. The cost is free, and this is THE experience of the summer. You don’t want to miss it.

In order to make this the best experience for your family, have space for kids to invite their friends, and keep them safe, we’ve made an adjustment to our schedule this year. They will still get the crazy, messy, fun-filled activities as well as the competition that Big Gross Adventure is known for. We’ve also ADDED a night for you as a family to experience Big Gross Adventure together!

Please be sure to note the nights that apply to your kids when you register below:

Tuesday, June 8: Rising K – 2nd Grade
Wednesday, June 9: Rising 3rd & 4th Grade
Thursday, June 10: Rising 5th & 6th Grade

Friday, June 11 is for the whole family so be sure to mark your calendar for our Virtual Family Experience!



Tuesday, June 8

Rising K – 2nd Grade

Online registration for Night 1 is closed, but make sure to join us for our virtual family night this Friday at 7 PM!





Wednesday, June 9

Rising 3rd & 4th Grade

Online registration for Night 2 is closed, but make sure to join us for our virtual family night this Friday at 7 PM!



Thursday, June 10

Rising 5th & 6th Grade

Online registration for Night 3 is closed, but you can still register in person at your campus this evening!


Friday, June 11 @ 7 PM

Wondering how we will do our closing ceremony? This year, we want to invite you to a virtual family event to celebrate Big Gross Adventure! Whether you have left for a fun beach vacation, or you are having a fun stay-at-home night together, you can experience one more night of crazy fun with the whole family. We will even be awarding the golden plunger! Tune in with us live on Friday at 7 PM for a night of family fun (and maybe even a little mess!)