APRIL 2022


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On April 16th and 17th we will be discovering the greatest day in history as we celebrate Easter at Cross Point!

As you know, at Cross Point, Everyone’s Welcome so start thinking about who you might invite to attend this Easter weekend.

All the information and resources can be found on our Easter page…

Global Good

We have so much going on around the world with our global partners. We have a team headed to Kenya to do community engagement work in June. A Student team (10th through 12th grade) is heading to the Dominican Republic in July. Finally, our refugee ministry trip is making its way to Lebanon in November. If you’re interested in stepping in to Go and Love, we still have several spots available on each of these trips.

Get involved

Looking to make a difference, connect with others and work in partnership with a shared ambition? We have a range of roles, designed to match your gifts, abilities, and passion. At all of our Cross Point campuses, our amazing volunteers serve our next generation in Kids and Students and on the Guest Experience team. Maybe you’re a creative…we have space for you to serve on the worship team, band, and production teams. Do you have photography, videography, or graphic design skills? We have the team for you! Why not play a small part in the big picture of our church? We want to build strong communities that support our mission; to help people find and follow Jesus.



Big Gross Adventure is the most fun, free 3-day event of the summer!! And it is coming to a Cross Point campus near you on June 7-9! We understand that following Jesus can sometimes get a little messy, but there is never a mess too big for Jesus! Be sure to invite your friends, and get ready to get gross!


The days are getting warmer which means summer is coming!! With summer, comes Summer Camp!! This year is going to be a blast! Cross Point Students are going to Asheville North Carolina June 20-24 and registration is still open!



The semester is coming to an end and we are so sad, but we still want to celebrate all that God has done in the lives of our College students this year! Tuesday, April 26 at 7:00 PM we will gather for a fun night of fun, food, and friendship! To stay connected, follow crosspoint.college on Instagram!




In April, Cross Point Kids will be in a series called, We Go Together! Sometimes friendships are so much fun, but they can also be hard. Jesus is the one friend that not only wants to be our friend forever, but He can keep up His end of the promise. And, He went through a lot to make it possible. That’s why, this month, we are sharing the Good News with preschoolers that Jesus wants to be their friend forever!


In the new series, Puzzled, we will be learning that life can sometimes feel like a giant puzzle. All we can see is the piece we’re experiencing right now, and we’re not sure where it fits into the greater picture. We can’t always understand why some things happen to us or those we love. BUT Even in the toughest times, we can have hope because we know God is always working for us.


In April, Cross Point Students will be walking through two sermon series; One called Prism where we take a look at the world through the eyes of God and discuss the truths He says about us that He wants us to hold onto. During the last two weeks of the month, we will dive into Thoughts & Prayers, a series all about praying honest prayers with a posture of gratitude and honor.


Faith usually happens one step at a time. It begins with choosing to believe in and follow Jesus and, oftentimes, the next step is something called baptism. At Cross Point, we believe baptism is a great next step because it’s a way to make your faith public. It’s something that Jesus asks His followers to do and is an example He set for us from the start. So the invitation stands and we hope you will take this next step of faith, knowing we’re right there with you, cheering you along the way. Our next Baptism Service is March 6.


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