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We're so glad you're here. We launched our new website and we hope you enjoy it! With a project this big there are bound to be some things that have been moved to new places. If you’re having trouble finding something make sure to check out our improved search or ask our new digital receptionist.

- The CrossPoint.TV Team

  • How do I apply for a trip?

    Just fill out the application for the trip you’d like to join. Visit crosspoint.tv/global, choose a trip and select Apply Now.

  • How do I raise money for a trip?

    It may seem like a lot of money to raise, but we rarely see anyone unable to raise the entire amount. We set up each trip participant with an online platform called Focus Missions, which has a fundraising capability so friends and family can easily donate online. If you need and additional ideas for fundraising, we have plenty!

  • Why should I go?

    We believe that going on a Global trip is one of the BEST discipleship opportunities we have to offer at Cross Point. You’ll not only learn a lot about the community you travel to, but a lot about yourself too. We’ve seen people completely change the direction of their life because of a trip. If nothing else, you will come home with an expanded worldview and a heart to serve others.

  • Why not just serve locally?

    There are vast needs in the Nashville area, and Cross Point is uniquely positioned to meet some of these needs. We are also uniquely positioned to meet needs globally. We’ve found that God often removes us from our comfort zone to open our eyes to needs at home. Our hope is that when you return, you find a place to serve in your local community.

  • Where can I go?

    We currently take regular trips to Kenya, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Guatemala , India, and Greece. We are constantly keeping an eye out for opportunities to serve around the world, so make sure to check the website frequently for new trips!

  • How do I sign up?

    Crosspoint.tv/global gives a list of all the trips for the year and the applications. We require a $100 deposit to secure you’re spot. The $100goes towards the final trip cost.

  • What do we do on these trips?

    Each trip will vary slightly based on the community and their needs, but in general, Cross Point trips are highly relational. We spend lots of time with the people of the community – things like meetings, church, home visits, talent shows, games with kids, and meals. The goal is to establish a real understanding of the people and place we visit. We will occasionally take specialty trips- medical, business training, leadership training etc. These are implemented when the community specifically asks us to bring a team with a certain skill set. We also will respond to any disasters in the community with an appropriate team.

  • How old do you have to be?

    If a student is traveling with their parent/guardian, the minimum age for a trip is 12. If a student is traveling on their own, the minimum age is 16 with parental consent.

  • Can I apply if I don’t attend Cross Point Church or if I live outside of Tennessee?

    Yes, your application will be considered even if you don’t attend Cross Point or live outside of Tennessee. We’ll fly out of Nashville, so you’ll need to get yourself to Nashville before the trip and have a plan to get home.

  • How will I be prepared for the trip?

    You will meet with your team leader (a Cross Point staff person) and the Global Good staff four times before you leave the country. Those meetings will equip you logistically and spiritually to serve in a foreign context.

  • What does the trip cost cover?

    Trip costs cover flights, transportation, lodging, in-country expenses (a translator and guide), and meetings expenses. Usually the only cost that people incur above the trip cost are meals in airports or souvenirs.

  • Where do I sleep and what do I eat?

    The hotels and guesthouses we stay in are all pretty nice, even to American standards. Expect all to have running water and a toilet, but some have hot water that is unreliable or nonexistent. You’ll likely have to share a room with another trip member, and will sleep on comfortable twin or double beds. The food is good too! You’ll get to experience local cuisine. If you’re a picky eater we recommend bringing snacks to supplement, but most meals you should be able to find something you like.

  • How safe are the trips? Will I get sick? What shots do I need?

    Most of the counties we partner in are considered ‘fragile states’ which means that they are low income countries characterized by weak governmental capacities, which leaves the people vulnerable to unrest and disease. We are constantly monitoring different safety concerns and have significant standards of safety that have to be met in order to send a team. Trips will always have an in country guide with them to navigate any tricky situations that may arise. All hotels we stay in are locked and guarded. Most people do NOT get sick, and if they do they usually kick it in a day or two. The worst that we’ve seen happen is someone having to stay back from the group for a day. If you tend to get sick when you travel or have a weak stomach, a prescription for Ciproflaxicin is a lifesaver. The CDC has a list of recommended vaccinations for each country on their website. Google CDC and the country you’re traveling to, and you can find all their travel tips.

  • Can I go early or stay late in a country?

    We do not allow any deviations from our trip plans because of the increased coordination that requires, and the additional safety concerns. Additionally, nearly all of our travel is booked as “Group Travel” which restricts us to have everyone on the same travel plans. On rare occasions, exceptions will be made, so ask if you have any questions!



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