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We're so glad you're here. We launched our new website and we hope you enjoy it! With a project this big there are bound to be some things that have been moved to new places. If you’re having trouble finding something make sure to check out our improved search or ask our new digital receptionist.

- The CrossPoint.TV Team

Once a month, everyone across #crosspointtv gives just $1 to see the amazing things that can happen when we all #dogood together. Through the Dollar Club, we’ve seen your generosity make an incredible impact on the lives of those who may have previously felt forgotten, or unloved.


The Dollar Club:
Dickson County Special Education Department

Sensory rooms provide a safe place for kids & adults with special needs to calm themselves down through a wide variety of sites, sounds & textures. Dickson County schools hope to implement these sensory rooms in all of their schools in order to provide a safe and intentional environment for their students. To every special education teacher in Dickson County, thank you for serving...

FATHER'S DAY | The Dollar Club

In this edition of the Dollar Club we’re celebrating Father’s Day with a story that has God written all over it. As parents, we will do whatever it takes to love, protect and provide for our kids. But there comes a point of surrender as a parent where we need God to come and be our Father, our protector, our provider.

EMMA | The Dollar Club

You may have already heard part of Emma’s story once before, but the story of Emma and her Godson Elbert is the story behind the story. The relationship between Emma and Elbert is one only God could think up. This month’s edition of the Dollar Club is a powerful story of family.

AINSLEY | The Dollar Club

Ainsley’s story is that of perseverance & strength. On this month’s edition of the Dollar Club we had the opportunity to sit down with her parents Ashley & Brady Gray. After just a few minutes of talking it was easy to see that God has BIG plans for Ainsley’s life because this is a story only He can write.


St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church has been serving the Nashville community for 90 years. Their history and love for our city is a gift from God. On this month’s Dollar Club we had the opportunity to work together with St. Luke as they continue to be faithful to God’s work in this city.

Rest Stop Ministries | DOLLAR CLUB

Rest Stop Ministries are on the front lines when it comes to combating the sex trafficking industry in Nashville. On this month’s edition of The Dollar Club, we had the opportunity to hear the stories of redemption & life change that take place daily at Rest Stop Ministries.

Wonderful Life | DOLLAR CLUB

Wonderful Life Foundation is an organization that supports families undergoing treatment for serious illness & they are the true heroes of this story. Christina, a single mom of 5 was put in the toughest of situations when her daughter Marissa was diagnosed with cancer. Thanks to your generosity & the generosity of Wonderful Life Foundation Christina’s story is one of provision...

20 Dollar Club

Our hearts were moved to action as we partnered with what God is doing through Piyas and Jaishree in Kolkata, India. We believe strongly in the India Dream Home for Boys and are so excited that we were finally able to reveal the “why” behind the 20 Dollar Club!


This month’s Dollar Club goes to a family who goes above & beyond in sharing God’s love & trusting in His provision. Share this with someone who needs a reminder of God’s faithfulness.

REYNA + DANIEL | The Dollar Club

Despite miscarriages & hardship, Reyna & Daniel were able to feel the peace that prayer brings. Share this month’s Dollar Club to spread hope to those who may desperately need it.

The Dollar Club:
Jason Miller

With the incredible love that he has poured into our church during our season of transition between Senior Pastors, we’re so honored and humbled to present this month’s Dollar Club to Jason Miller and South Bend City Church in Indiana!