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Guatemala Community Engagement Trip 2

Cross Point partners with 410 Bridge to do community development in El Pajal, a community in the mountainous region of Huehuetenango. El Pajal is a coffee growing community, and 410 Bridge is working with Thrive Farmers to create sustainable business practices in a community that is frequently taken advantage of by coffee buyers. 60% of Guatemalans live below the poverty line and suffer from food and water insecurity, so economic development is vital to the long term development of the nation.This trip will include visiting with the leadership council, home visits and prayer, working in the coffee fields (yes, you can drink the coffee too), engaging with kids at school, and much more!  We''re looking for 10 people of any age and background to join this trip!


Nov 08, 2019 - Nov 16, 2019


Ford, Jeff

Trip Cost: $47000

Deposit Due: $100