Just Launched!

We're so glad you're here. We launched our new website and we hope you enjoy it! With a project this big there are bound to be some things that have been moved to new places. If you’re having trouble finding something make sure to check out our improved search or ask our new digital receptionist.

- The CrossPoint.TV Team

God cares about people. And while He loves ALL people, He loves us one at a time. God is For the ONE. He’s for the ONE who is lost. The ONE who is marginalized. The ONE who is vulnerable.

We want his vision for Cross Point to be our vision. We want to join Him in being FOR THE ONE because we’ve seen that living with others in mind often leads to so much of the purpose, joy, and contentment we’re all seeking. And we want to invite you to join in too!



You’re invited to pray and give toward the incredible plans God’s placed on our heart for the next two years, and we’re praying as a church to have raised $1.5 million, of our two-year $6 million goal, by the end of 2019.

The possibility of long-lasting impact comes down to this: Give because you know that when each of us offers a little, it makes a big difference. Give because you are For The One.

Your generosity will combine with that of many others to accomplish:

    • Caring for the lost by launching Cross Point Hendersonville, supporting other church plants and building out Cross Point Franklin to enable it to accommodate more people
    • Caring for the next generation by creating larger spaces at Franklin and Mt. Juliet to relieve the maxed-out kids and student spaces and serve families in our communities better
    • Caring for the nations by creating a ministry residency program that would train pastors and leaders with practical, hands-on ministry experience that will prepare them to serve populations all over the world
    • Caring for the vulnerable by starting another God Behind Bars service in an additional area of the TN Prison for Women from the one we already serve


While it’s simple, it’s not necessarily easy. Trusting God with our resources takes sacrifice and faith. However, we believe He’ll meet us as we surrender, and we’ll get to look back together at all the lives God’s changed because we joined Him in being For The One.