Want to know the on-the-ground team you’ll be serving with?

Our longest global partnership is with GO Ministries, in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC in a community called Brisas. The key relationships we have in the DR are with two pastors—Moise and Jose Luis. Moise is Haitian and Jose Luis is Dominican. Historically these two people groups don’t get along (to put it lightly), so it really is incredible that these two are friends and partners. On a trip to the DR, you’ll get to spend time with them, as well as serve with the kids in the feeding center.

We partner with the 410 Bridge in Haiti, Guatemala and Kenya. They have a model of community development that focuses on 5 areas of development: discipleship, water, education, economic and health. What we love the most? These projects are ongoing with or without teams present. This allows each team time and energy to pursue relationships as they work alongside community members on projects and through visits in their homes and churches. On all 410 trips, you’ll do just that: building relationships through working on projects with the community that they have ongoing.

In KENYA, we serve in the agricultural village in the highlands of Nairobi called Kahuria. Cross Point funded the building of a school in 2015, and the community finished building the school in 2017. The main focus of this community right now is educational development.

Our community partner in HAITI is a small fishing village on the southern coast of Haiti. This community was decimated by Hurricane Matthew, but is doing much better now. You’ll spend your time in the schools with the kids and with the leadership council and pastors.

Our partner in GUATEMALA is our newest partnership with 410—a coffee farming community called El Pajal. El Pajal is a coffee growing community focusing on women farmers. Their coffee beans are sold to Thrive Coffee, the coffee suppliers for Chick-Fil-A. 410 is coming alongside Thrive to do development work in the community and to assist in creating sustainable business practices.

We partner with Operation Mobilization in Egypt and Greece. In GREECE we work primarily in Syrian, Afghani, Iraqi and other Middle Eastern refugee camps in the Athens area. There are over 60,000 refugees displaced from their homes living in camps in Greece. Our goal is to meet them where they are with the gospel, as well as provide any emotional or physical support they may need in this trying time in their life.

EGYPT is a brand new partnership with us. Known as the ‘Mother of the World,’ Egypt’s nickname acknowledges its ancient history and role in civilization. Public discontent, based on sub-par living conditions and few job opportunities for average Egyptians, largely contributed to the country’s 2011 revolution. As Egypt continually changes, God is also changing hearts and lives. The overall goal in our ministry in Egypt is to reach the country’s vast population with the life-giving Word of God. Existing as a partnership between foreign workers and locals, OM Egypt seeks to encourage the existing church to reach out to non-believers, to direct various ministries withinEgypt and to engage the country’s growing refugee population.

SEED stands for Save, Equip, Entrust, Disciple. We partner with SEED in Kolkata, INDIA. The Dream Home is a main focus here—a safe place to rescue girls from delicate and dangerous situations. We also work in the Salt Lake Slum to do community development and educational development.

Cross Point partners with an organization called World Relief Cambodia. They train and equip local churches to intentionally reach out to every person and family in their community, regardless of religion, age, gender, health or economic condition. While there, the team will grow in their understanding of Scripture and leadership as they serve as volunteers in the community. Together, we will assist in educating vulnerable families about community health, agriculture, HIV/AIDS, savings and trafficking prevention.