As Middle Tennessee continues the process of reopening, our leadership is monitoring and adapting a plan that is informed by and mirrors the strategies outlined by the government. We will continue to gather online in the month of June. You’ve done an amazing job being the church over the past few months. We’ll continue to be the church together, share the gospel, lead people to Jesus, baptize people, help people find community, and serve the poor and marginalized together.

The current guidelines do offer us opportunities to have smaller gatherings, like live prayer gatherings, serving opportunities, watch parties and groups. The best way to stay updated on that information is through your local campus Facebook group.

Stay safe, stay united, keep serving, and whether we’re gathering on-site or online, we’re going to keep helping people find and follow Jesus together.


Take a moment and watch this video from Pastor Kevin Queen


As always, we value your input. We have a few short questions for you that will help us as we continue down this unprecedented path together. 

As soon as possible! While we expect our reopening approach to line up with what has been laid out by the government, everything hinges on the health of our community and the recommendations of the CDC and local/state officials. Because of the typical attendance and size of our gatherings, we want to be more cautious about how we reopen. It will likely be somewhat slower than other local businesses and churches.

We will continue to align with the government’s benchmarks for reopening in the counties where we have campuses. Yes, this does mean we may have some campuses meeting in person while others aren’t.

We hope that Cross Point always feels like Cross Point. Welcoming, warm, and engaging. We hope that our in-person gatherings feel that way, but we do expect that the ways we interact with each other may look a little different. We’ll take every precaution as a church for the parts of our services that would typically involve physical contact, such as passing out programs, greeting each other with hugs and handshakes, passing offering buckets, etc. to be safely modified. We’ll do everything within our power to keep our facilities clean and safe, and we ask you to respect the measures others prefer to take for their own safety and peace of mind.

You’ll likely see face masks and distance between friends that wasn’t the norm before, but more than that, you’ll see family back together again to pray, worship, and grow with each other!

For the time being, some of our annual events will be postponed and some will be hosted online. We will keep you updated as we make these decisions. Feel free to reach out to [email protected] and follow our social media platforms for up to date information or if you have any specific questions that we can help you answer. You can also visit your campus Facebook page to check out programming for your kids and students.
While in-person gatherings will likely be on hold for a little longer, we’ve got lots of great options to connect and engage digitally throughout the week. Be sure to connect with us on Instagram for First Cup, Caffeine and Quarantine, Worship, Prayer and in your campus Facebook group to stay in touch with the Cross Point community.