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Cross Point Bellevue is hosting Night to Shine for the third year in a row, and we can’t wait to see you there on Friday, February 8, 2019.
Scroll down to see how to get involved and either serve or attend!

Night to Shine is all about celebrating people with special needs, and it’s making sure they feel seen and admired for who they are and how God created them. We can’t wait to see A LOT of BIG smiles not only on the faces of our guests, but also on the faces of parents and volunteers.


Every guest of Night to Shine receives the royal treatment.




  • How would you define an individual with special needs?
    The event is open to anyone with physical or cognitive special needs, ages 14 and older. We do not have specific guidelines for the eligibility of guests in relation to the legitimacy or severity of their disabilities. We trust the church to use their best judgment as to what qualifies as a special need.


  • What is the minimum age for Night to Shine guests?
    Night to Shine is for anyone with special needs, ages 14 and older. There is no age maximum.


  • Do I have to have a buddy?
    We make sure every guest has a buddy with them so they have the best experience possible with someone who knows the building layout and what the schedule of the night is. If a guest has someone attending the dance with them who would like to be their sole buddy, that is fine, as long as that buddy attends the mandatory volunteer training so he/she is filled in on everything he/she needs to know.


  • What time does the event begin and end?
    The night will begin at 6 PM and end at 9 PM.


  • Where is the event located?
    It’s at Cross Point Bellevue, located at 7675 US-70S Nashville, TN 37221


  • Will there be food provided?
    Yes, we will provide Chick-Fil-A for dinner. If a guest has food allergies/needs, please make sure to reference that on the registration form.


  • Do volunteers have clearances and training?
    Yes, all volunteers have been background checked and gone through training for this event.


  • Will medical staff be on site for emergencies during the event?
    Yes, there will be EMTs/Nurses and security officers on site in uniform to attend to guest needs.


  • What can parents/caretakers do during the event?
    There will be a Respite Room provided for the parents/caretakers (2 per guest) during the event that will have food and some special restful treats.


  •  Is this event free or is there a cost?
    This event is entirely free for guests and caretakers.


  • What is the attire for guests?
    Female guests are encouraged to wear prom dresses and male guests are encouraged to wear tuxedos or suits.