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Noormah’s Refugee Story

Jun 23, 2022Blog, Culture

By the name of our merciful God, who created all the human beings, I am very grateful for my kind, graceful, compassionate God. I am Noormah, I am 25 years old, and I am from Afghanistan. 

Before I came to the United States, I was working with the National Directorate of Security as a logistics manager. I had a Bachelor’s degree in Lab Science as well. I was living with my family – my mom, dad, four sisters, and three brothers. We had a good life before the Taliban took over. My work was the best, and my co-workers and I also formed an organization called Vice Association of Afghan Women. With both areas of work, I was trying to help Afghanistan progress and take steps into the future.

After the Taliban takeover, everything broke up.

On the 26th of August, a US consultant I worked with called me and some coworkers and helped us escape.

My parents weren’t able to join me in the airport, so I had to leave by myself.

I had never left Afghanistan before, so this was my first time on a plane and my first time leaving my home country.

Before I had supporters, my family was behind me, but now coming to the US, I had to stand on my own two feet.

Now I had to learn how to make a home. Before if something was bad, I would tell my father to solve the problem – to solve my problems. Now everything that’s coming, I have to solve – I am able to do this. 

Before I would go to work and come home, now I interact with all kinds of people doing all kinds of different jobs.

Now, I am amongst society and all kinds of people – some are good and some are bad. I get to see what their experience is. I get to see how people can bring change in their own life without any supporters. 

I needed to see this because everything that I had was gone.

I have begun a new life without my supporters. I have experienced things and done them by myself.

I have the opportunity to put into practice the things that my father taught me. I remember he used to encourage me to share a plate with my much younger siblings to show me that I was not better than them and they were not less than me. 

My family used to have a good income in Afghanistan, but my father taught me not to be showy about the things that we had. Now that I have less, I understand this even more.

The only thing that we have that we should always show is our kindness.

I miss my family – it’s my first time being separated from them for longer than like three days.

I wish I could go and put my head in their lap or get a hug.

Before, we never had to miss anyone because we were all together. Now on the weekends, I spend hours on Facetime with my family.

Now I work in phlebotomy at a hospital in Nashville. If God created every one, I should work for whoever is my boss.

Next I want to work harder to become a tech and be an example for others. 

For the state of Tennessee, I want to be a useful person and be someone that people from every nation and every religion can trust. We are all human, and I want to be of help to people from every nation and every religion. 

The biggest wish that I have is for my family to be reunited and to be able to hug them again.

*Noormah is a guest writer and a recent refugee from Afghanistan. A Cross Point refugee welcome team was lucky enough to be partnered with her through a program of our Local Good partner NICE. We are highlighting her story and personal experience as a refugee living in Tennessee.