This is Finn Coyle. See that smile? It’s not fake. It’s real and we get to see it every week at Cross Point Franklin. Don’ believe us? Just ask him how he’s doing. He will lift both fists in the air, and grin from ear to ear, overflowing with joy he will shout, “EPIIIIIIICCCCC!!!” And then with both hands give you the best high five!

So needless to say, he’s special. But he’s also special in another way. Finn has special needs, which many people might view as an obstacle or a crutch, but come watch Finn as he leads his peers in worship during PowerUp or as he prays out loud in small group and you will quickly realize that he doesn’t have a crutch and in fact, he’s a leader!

On March 5th Finn got baptized. He had been talking to his parents about it for a long time and together they decided that the time was right. As Finn walked on stage and got into the tank, there was an audible buzz in the room. Something special was about to take place.

And boy did it ever. A huge celebration erupted as Finn emerged from the waters, symbolizing his new life with Christ. Finn raised his hands in triumph and then looked for his family and waved. As every person wiped tears from their eyes because of the faith and courage they just witnessed, another student with special needs was watching and celebrating in his own way.

The next week, A letter from that student’s sister, a 4th grader, was written to her small group leader that read – “As Finn came out of the water, it gave me hope that one day my brother too could be baptized.”

Like we said, Finn’s a leader.


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Finn & His “Epic” Baptism