In Cross Point Kids we are passionate about creating environments where kids and families feel safe and at home on Sundays. We serve all our families the same, but we especially look at each family through the lens of a first time guest.

I’d like to share with you the story of Jacob, a 4 year old. Just recently, Jacob, his mom, and sister Isabelle were first time guests. When they walked through the doors of CPKids it was clear Jacob was nervous and apprehensive about going into a new class with new faces. A new environment can be a little intimidating. His sister, Isabella, is in 4th grade and immediately saw Izzy, her friend from school, so she went into our elementary environment with no hesitation.

As for Jacob, he was hiding behind mom with big tears in his eyes as we rounded the corner to the Yellow Room. Our incredible volunteer, Mrs. Mariah met him at the door with a warm welcome. But Jacob was not having it and decided not to stay in class. I encouraged his mom to come back during service and let Jacob take a peek through the window to see all the fun we have in the Yellow Room. As a parent it is hard leave your child when they are scared or upset. I let her know were here to partner with her in getting Jacob comfortable with being in CPKids.

Jacob and his mom went to “big church,” and halfway through came back to take a peek, where Mrs. Mariah greeted him by name. Jacob still wasn’t having it! It took a couple of weeks of getting down on Jacob’s level, calling him by name, and encouraging him. We really wanted him to come learn about Jesus with us. On week 4, Jacob came through the doors of CPKids with a BIG smile on his face. Mom said, “I think he’s ready”. We cheered and celebrated as Jacob went into class. After service he came running up to me, “Ms. Brandy, I did it, I went to class!”.

Jacob now goes into the Yellow Room every Sunday ready to learn about Jesus and make new friends. It’s leaders like Mariah who show up for him every Sunday to welcome him home, call him by name, and provide a safe environment that Jacob can now learn about Jesus through purpose, community, and a ton of FUN.


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Jacob’s First Sunday