In student ministry, we teach about making an impact on those around us, and spreading the love of Jesus in a powerful way. This spring, several students took that teaching to the next level. When they heard about Billy, their student pastor, leading a new Global Good trip, they jumped on board. They chose to use their spring break in a radical way – by going on a mission trip to Ireland! They spent months fundraising, learning about the need for evangelism in Ireland, and planning the details of their travel. This eight-day trip was part of the St. Patrick’s Day Challenge. It started with the team receiving excellent Bible-focused training. Later, they were sent out to partner with different local churches all around the country.

Leah, Madison, Whit and Sydney were sent to a town name Athlone that lies in the heart of Ireland. Over the next four days, these three high schoolers were faced with the challenge of talking to people in the community about their faith in Christ. All three said they were stretched outside of their comfort zones. They answered the call and rose to the challenge, sharing their faith with handfuls of people both their age and older!

Because of their age and attitudes, they instantly connected with students at the local church. These new friendships will be a source of encouragement for the students both here in the US and in Athlone. The students that went on this trip got to experience first hand what it means to be a part of the global church and we couldn’t be prouder of them!


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