Everyday Theology

Feb 8, 2022Blog, Theology

As A.W. Tozer so famously said, “what comes to mind when you think about God is the most important thing about you.” As followers of Jesus, our theology isn’t just theory, it’s meant to be put into practice. What we believe about God informs how we interact in relationships, at work, at home and in private. 

Similarly, Cross Point’s blog is designed to help equip followers of Jesus to see, live out and delight in the glory of God in their day to day lives.


We do this primarily in three ways:

We INSPIRE followers of Jesus by highlighting the truth of Scripture. 

We EQUIP followers of Jesus through engaging topics and themes that make up the human experience.

We CALL followers of Jesus ‘further up and further in’ the life Jesus has won for us and given to us. 

Our desire is that followers of Jesus would learn more effectively how to view the world through the lens of the Gospel while also seeing hints of the Gospel in the way the world was made. 

With a myriad of forces at work in our culture, confusion about who God is and what He is up to in the world is at, what seems like, an all time high. Everyday Theology seeks to be a light piercing through that darkness so that maturity in Christ is pursued and attained and we can have sturdy ground to stand on as the tides of culture continue to shift.

Our prayer as you read these words is that you would be encouraged, challenged and compelled to embody Jesus, in every moment, to the world around you.