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Over the month of February we’re setting aside time to fast and say ‘go’ to God. We want to invite you to consider spending this month fasting with us. 

We’ve put together a couple of resources, where you’ll discover more about fasting, and how you might participate this February. You can find that information below.

Also, we want to hear the stories that come out of this! As you see God working in your life, you can share that at crosspoint.tv/shareyourstory and we’ll celebrate together. We can’t wait to see what God does as we seek after Him together in this season!



This guide is a helpful support as we approach a month-long fast.  Download and utilize this guide to help unpack the spiritual discipline of fasting; learning more about what fasting is, what it isn’t and how you can play a part.




This Calendar is a helpful way of plotting out how you’d like to fast during the 28 days of February. We’ve given weekly guidance on areas you can focus on whilst fasting. We’ve also created space for you to add your own thoughts.




Our very own, Annie F. Downs sits down for an in-depth discussion on why we fast, how we fast and all the things you wonder when it comes to fasting like what to do when you mess up, the importance of motivation and best practices for coming off of a fast




Why do we fast as believers in Jesus? Fasting is a common word now in the dieting world, but it’s been a part of the Christian faith for much longer. Pastor Kevin Queen looks at what fasting is and why we do it in this edition of Sacred Rhythms.



Apprentice’s Prayer

Why not start every day of fasting (or just every day) with this amazing prayer? It an alignment of our heart with the Father’s, a declaration that we choose His way, a reminder that every good thing comes from Him:

Jesus I love you! Father, I adore you! Holy Spirit, I rely on you. Lord Jesus, I seek to live as your apprentice in all that I do today. My life is your school for teaching me. I relinquish my agenda for this day and I submit myself to you and your kingdom purposes.

In all situations today I pray, Your will, Your way, Your time. Dear Father, I ask you to ordain the events of the day and use them to make me more like Jesus. I trust you Sovereign Lord, that you won’t let anything happen to my family or me today except that it passes through your loving hands.

So no matter what problems, hardships, or injustices I face today, help me not to worry or get frustrated, but instead to relax in the yoke of your providence. Yes today I will rejoice because I am in your eternal kingdom, you love me, and you are teaching me! My Lord I devote my whole self to you. I want to be all and only for Jesus! Today I seek to love you with all my heart, all my soul, and all my mind, and all my strength, and all my relationships.

Today I depend on you Holy Spirit, not my own resources. Help me to keep in step with you. Today I look to love others as you love me, dear God, blessing everyone I meet, even those who mistreat me.Today I’m ready to lead people to follow you, Jesus.