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Registration is Closed

Registration is currently closed for our March 2 Child Dedication. Our next Child Dedication will take place on September 28.

If you would like to receive an email update when registration for the next Child Dedication opens, please complete the form below.


What is Child Dedication?

Child Dedication is an experience designed for parents of young children, to partner alongside friends, family, and Cross Point as you head into this new stage of life with your child. This unique celebration is not salvation or baptism for your child, rather an opportunity to celebrate your decision as parents to raise your child to find and follow Jesus, with us walking alongside you as support.

It looks like we sign up for a specific time. Is that correct?

YES! The time you select is unique to your family and those you choose to invite. We found that by each family signing up for a time slot, we’re able to make your personal experience even more special. For this reason, it’s important that you arrive on time so we are able to maintain that level of personalization for everyone. Each group should expect to spend about 20-25 minutes for the entire experience.

Why is it necessary to provide a photo and life verse?

Both the photo and life verse are used during the celebration to make the experience special for your family. The photo can be the first one ever taken or one that always makes you smile. The life verse is an opportunity for you to pray into your hopes and dreams for your child in their relationship with Jesus. This verse is something that we hope you will come back to when the parenting days are long and hard to remember the end goal and that you are doing an incredible job. Need a little help on where to look? We provide some suggestions in the registration or reach out to your campus kids team as we would love to help.

What is the parent meeting that is held before Child Dedication?

The parent meeting gives us a chance to get to know you and your family a little better and for you to get to know us! We also provide information on what to expect at the dedication as well as some vision of Cross Point Kids. It’s a simple way to put your mind at ease and get your questions answered before the big day. Plus, you’ll leave with practical resources to put behaviors and rhythms in place to make faith come alive in your home.

What should we expect when we arrive?

Expect to feel incredibly celebrated and cared for from the minute you arrive. Our hosts will greet you at the door and make sure you know what is next and where you should go. 

You will encounter our photographer first. Feel free to gather your family in all the configurations you would like. Those pictures will be shared with you once edited for you to print and share. Sometimes things happen, so we would encourage you to ask your host to snap a few pictures with your phone or camera…just in case!

After photos, you will be guided to a hands-on experience where everyone in your group can get involved. You will conclude by spending time with our kids team and pastors who end with a prayer of blessing over your child and family. Don’t forget to pick up your gifts as well…they are so sweet!

We have a huge group coming. Is that ok? It’s just me and the baby. Is that ok?

Every child’s dedication is incredibly unique and so is every family. You are welcome to invite anyone you would like including family, friends and other trusted voices in the life of your child. Kids are welcome because after all, this is a kids event! We have cared for groups of 2-222 (ok, maybe 222 is a stretch) and we cannot wait to celebrate with you.

What should we wear?

Anything goes! While many families choose to break out the Sunday best, we want you to be comfortable so wear whatever you would like.

What do we do after our time is complete?

Celebrate! Many families and groups chose to take advantage of more time together to share a meal or gather to celebrate. Feel free to make this day exactly what feels right for your family, but if you need ideas, just ask!

I have a few specific questions. Who should I ask?
The kids team at your campus would love to answer any questions to ensure you feel ready and comfortable for child dedication.
Pepe Hernandez, Bellevue Campus, [email protected]
Paige Bumpus, Dickson Campus,
[email protected]
Jamie Myatt, Franklin Campus,
[email protected]
Caitlyn Hahn, Hendersonville Campus,
[email protected]
Reed Sullivan, Mt. Juliet Campus, [email protected]
Allison Cannon, Nashville Campus, [email protected]