Here’s what your student will experience at Cross Point.

Cross Point Students

Cross Point Students is a place open to all 7th – 12th Grade students, regardless of where they are in their journey. We understand students are trying to navigate the challenges of middle and high school, so our goal is simple: to connect them to Jesus, each other and empower them to change the world. We meet at various locations across Middle Tennessee, providing environments where students can engage in worship, hear relevant teaching, connect in groups and create a place students call home.


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Our mission at Cross Point Students is simple: to help students find and follow Jesus. We know that this time brings a lot of uncertainty, but our mission hasn’t changed – just our methods! Things may look a little different this year, but we are excited to jump into this together. As always, you can stay connected with us through Instagram, your Small Group Leader and your Student Pastor. Below you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions in regards to how we plan to reopen. Please reach out to your local Student Pastor with any additional concerns or questions!


Will Cross Point Students be gathering this year?
YES! How we meet may look a little different, but we didn’t want to go another season without seeing your student IN PERSON. We are excited for this school year, and have worked hard to provide an experience for them to engage with their peers and leaders

Will CPS still be gathering on Wednesdays?
Yes… kind of. The first Wednesday of the month, your student will gather outdoors at your local Cross Point location for a night of socially-distanced worship and teaching. For the remaining Wednesdays of the month, students will be meeting in small groups around your city.

Why small groups?
Our mission in Cross Point Students is to help students find and follow Jesus. We imagine you have a similar goal for your student. Or perhaps you just want to figure out this parenting thing, and it seems like a lot. It’s a big weight, and we want to help. Our goal is to place a leader in the life of your student, to help build a bridge between your home and the church. We want to partner with you as you raise your student.

Where will my student’s small group meet?
Your Campus Student Pastor, as well as your student’s Small Group Leader, will communicate where your student will be meeting. If your student is meeting in a host home, contact information will be provided for the host in advance from your Student Pastor.

What time will Cross Point Students be meeting?
Students will continue to meet from 6:30-8:30 PM. Drop off will begin at 6:30 PM, with programming beginning at 7:00 PM. The evening will wrap up between 8:00-8:15 PM. All students must be picked up by 8:30 PM.

How can I be a host home?
We would love to talk to you about hosting! For your protection and that of the students, anyone over the age of 18 living in the home must pass a background check, as well as go through on-boarding and training with a Cross Point Student Pastor. If you are interested, simply email your local Student Pastor today!


What will drop-off look like for worship night?
Clear lanes will be marked for your vehicle for easy drop-off. A volunteer will come to your vehicle to greet your student(s). We ask that you stay until all students that plan to participate in CPS have passed an initial health screening.
Will you be checking my student’s temperature when they meet at Cross Point?
Yes! We will be using touchless forehead thermometers for both students AND volunteers. Anyone with a fever of 100.0 or greater will be asked to not attend Cross Point Students.

Will you be checking my student’s temperature when they meet on small group nights?
No – we ask that you screen your student before dropping them off to meet with their small group.

What will check-in look like for my student?
When meeting at Cross Point: Once a student has passed a temperature screening, they will be directed towards Cross Point Check in tables, located at the front of the building. A masked volunteer will enter their information into an iPad, and a student will grab a CPS tyvek band, indicating they have completed check-in. From there, your student will be directed to their designated area to socially distance with their small group!We know a lot of social cues can be communicated nonverbally, and some things are missed behind a mask. As an extra layer of care, we are also providing a way for students to communicate their level of comfort in social settings. Red, yellow, and green wristbands will be available for your student to wear to indicate how comfortable they are with physical contact. Green signifies that hugs are welcome, yellow signifies fist bumps and elbows, and red signifies they’d like their distance.

When meeting in Small Group: Small group leaders will be keeping attendance records with our Mobile Tools App. This information will be submitted directly to your local Student Pastor. We will have an accurate record of everyone who attended for every meeting.

My student will be driving themselves to CPS. Is there any special protocol upon arrival?
They will be greeted at the front doors by a smiling (masked) volunteer, ready to check their temperature. If, for any reason, we need to send your student home, we will contact you before allowing them to drive home.


Can I enter the building to pick up my student?
When we begin using the inside of the building, we ask that all parents remain in their vehicles as we release students for the evening. If, for any reason, you need to enter the building, a volunteer will meet you at the front doors for an initial health screening. All adults entering the building must wear a mask.


Will any of the staff or volunteers be wearing masks?
Yes! As a team, both our staff and volunteers will be smiling to see you, but behind a mask!

Does my student need to wear a mask?
First and foremost, we are going to follow your county guidelines. If any sort of mask mandate is in place, we are going to enforce those while we meet. In the event a mask mandate is not in place, masks are encouraged but not required for your student if outside. If we move our gatherings inside, we will follow the mask mandates for your city and school district. The highest level of precaution for your local schools will be the standard for our students. We want to partner with your community, and compliment what is happening in your home.We encourage you to have a conversation with your student about what your preference is as a family. Disposable masks will be available to anyone that would like one (but feel free to bring your own!)Within host homes, it is not mandatory, but again we want to honor the preferences of your family AND the precautions recommended in your city/school district.


Will you be providing dinner for my student?
In an effort to reduce the spread of germs, we are no longer going to be serving dinner to our students. Plan to feed them beforehand!


How are you cleaning the building?
We have room-cleaning processes and standards in place to make sure all surfaces are cleaned thoroughly. This includes, but is not limited to, door handles, chairs, tables, and check-in screens. All cleaning solutions used are approved by the EPA, and are able to kill coronavirus when used appropriately. Trash will be removed before and after each meeting, with new liners placed in all receptacles.

Will you provide hand sanitizer?
EVERYWHERE – we will have hand sanitizer available around the premises for leaders and students.


What happens if someone in my student’s small group is confirmed COVID-19 positive?
All students and their parents, as well as leaders who were in contact with the student will be notified immediately of the confirmed case.

My student has been confirmed COVID-19 positive. Who should I inform?
We ask that you call your local Student Pastor upon confirmation. We’ve got your back, and will make sure anyone that was exposed is notified.

What will happen if a student presents symptoms during a gathering?
If a student begins presenting symptoms of an illness during their time at Cross Point Students, the student will promptly be removed from other students, and the Student Pastor will be notified immediately. After assessing the student’s condition, the Student Pastor will contact the student’s parent. If a student is in a host home, a parent will receive communication from their student’s Small Group Leader.


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