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Sep 8, 2022Art, Blog

Cynicism, my old friend

Protection is your great strength

Safety, my reward

Clothed in wisdom

Your pride in disguise

For every glimpse of hope 

You remind me we’ve seen this all before

“Only fools believe that” you whisper

Don’t let history repeat itself

Except, with you, cynicism

History does repeat

“Trust no one,” you tell me

Except you, that is

But life with you is lonely

I have my pride and nothing else

Cynicism my old friend,

It’s time we part ways

You’ve kept me safe for long enough

It’s time I take a risk

Discernment’s ugly cousin

We’ve been companions far too long

I lay my heart on the line at the risk of being a fool, 

But even then, it’s better

My heart of flesh will bleed out

But a heart of stone never had life at all.