To help individuals and people groups in crisis – locally, domestically, and globally – with immediate relief and long-term recovery.


Pray, Give, Go


Prayer is not the only thing we do, but it is the first thing we do. Whenever a disaster occurs, we pause to pray for the area affected as well as guidance to what our role should be.


After pausing to pray, we then put into play our disaster giving strategy:

How funds are allocated:


Cross Point is part of Long Term Disaster Recovery Groups in Middle TN. When a local disaster occurs, Cross Point consults with these groups to determine what unmet needs are present in the community and what funding we have to meet those needs. Funds are allocated to both highly vetted organizations and individuals that are in need.

We respond both to immediate basic relief needs such as food and shelter and also long-term recovery needs such as home rebuilding. We also respond locally to individual personal crises/disasters such as house fires, funeral expenses, etc.


If a disaster occurs in another part of the country or world, Cross Point consults with domestic/global partners to determine if unmet needs exist that we can meet. Convoy of Hope is our primary domestic/global disaster response partner that we seek to equip with funding in these situations.

All effort will be taken to allocate donated funds to the particular disaster they were given toward.
Any excess funds remaining will be used to grant future recovery needs of individuals experiencing personal crises.


Because Cross Point’s local and global good models prioritize recovery and restoration in addition to relief, funds will be used both in the immediate aftermath of a disaster as well as for long-term needs.

Cross Point will seek to meet outstanding immediate needs while also intentionally reserving a portion of funds for long-term recovery and rebuilding.
Since long-term recovery and rebuilding cases must process through FEMA and insurance first, a portion of disaster funds may be set aside to meet remaining needs up to 18 months following a disaster.


We also examine what our role can be in mobilizing volunteers.

If the disaster occurs locally, we mobilize Local Good volunteers to work with our partners on the ground.
If a disaster occurs domestically or globally, we reach out to any contacts/partners in those areas to see if volunteers are needed.


Through your generosity, Cross Point has been a part of rebuilding 20+ homes after the March 2020 tornadoes as well as removing debris and doing minor repairs at many others.

In addition, we contributed funding toward home rebuilds in Waverly, TN after their floods.

Interested in giving a gift larger than $50,000? Reach out to our Executive Pastor, Kevin Cook, at [email protected]