Financial Coaching

Cross Point offers free, one-on-one financial coaching to people in our communities. We know that life can get expensive–from mortgages to bills to groceries to child expenses–and it may feel like your money is gone before you even spend it. Or maybe you’ve figured out a monthly budget, but are not sure where to go from there. We would love to help you find your next step through financial coaching. In financial coaching, you can learn how to:

  • Create a budget that works
  • Involve your spouse in budgeting conversations
  • Reduce spending
  • Pay off debt
  • Save money
  • Invest money


A Beginner's Guide to Budgeting

Learning to budget is the first step toward financial freedom! Select ‘Get Budgeting Resources’ to take that first step today.


What is Tithing?

The word “tithe” literally means “tenth” or 10%. Tithing means giving ten percent of your income to God. We believe that all that we have or hope to have, comes from God. And so tithing is giving back to God what was His to begin with. Tithing is a reminder that God is the supplier of everything, and it teaches us to always put God first in our lives.