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First Steps is a one-hour interactive experience designed for an elementary-age kids and parents to engage in a comfortable, kid-focused conversation about what it means to make Jesus the leader of their life and explore the meaning of baptism, ultimately deciding if that could be the next step in their faith journey. 


How do I know if my child is ready for First Steps?

Since the Holy Spirit works in mighty ways through our kids, we believe that any elementary-age kid could be ready for the conversations in First Steps when there seems to be questions about faith that are driven by your child. 

Why is First Steps required before baptism?

First Steps is hosted at each Cross Point campus and is a necessary step for being baptized at Cross Point, ensuring that we are able to celebrate this decision with your family and also have the honest conversations that lead up to this decision. Know that we trust you as the parent. We just want to be on the same page.

What should I be prepared for at First Steps?

First Steps is a low-pressure experience that allows you and your child to have honest conversations about faith, guided by a host. While we will never prompt you to share responses with the group, there is a portion that allows you to share your story with your child and hear what God has been doing in their life as well. 

What if we attend First Steps, but my child is not ready for baptism?

Great! Let’s keep talking. Attending First Steps does not mean that your child must sign up for baptism, rather it opens the door for conversations that will continue. The end of First Steps is not a pressure-filled moment to sign up and we handle it with care because of the different stages every kid may be experiencing. 

How will we know what to expect on the day of baptism?

At the end of First Steps, we will walk through all of the details of Baptism Sunday, including next steps for signing up! We will also take a field trip to the baptism tub to answer questions and discuss what the day will feel like, equaling fewer jitters and more excitement!

What can I do after First Steps to keep the conversation going?

The fact that you are asking shows you are doing a great job! Keep the conversation going. We will provide a conversation guide with additional questions, but encourage you to put natural rhythms in place for devotionals, prayer and journaling with your child. If you need recommendations, just ask your kids team. We are here to help!