WHAT IS FoR the one?

In 2019, we shared a two-year vision for our church and talked about how while God loves all people, he changes lives, one at a time. God is for the one. He’s for one who is lost and broken and in need of hope. And for other people pretending like they’re not. This compels us, as a church, we don’t exist for ourselves, we exist for the glory of God and those that don’t know him. We want God’s vision for Cross Point to be our vision too. Last year we invited you to be a part of it. Today we want to give you an update on where we’re at. If you weren’t with us last year, this will help catch you up.


In 2019, we shared a two-year vision, and in order to do that, we’d need around 6 million dollars above our operating budget to carry it out. Well, 2020 informed us that it might take closer to three years to carry out the plan, but the cost will still remain the same.


Before the end of 2019, you guys gave $1.5 million towards For The One. Over the course of 2020, even in a crazy year, you’ve given an additional $500,000. That’s great. And with those resources, we’ve been able to launch the Hendersonville campus, expand efforts at the Tennessee Prison for Women, build on and improve our Kids space at Bellevue. And here’s the big one, after eleven years of renting space in Franklin, we were able to purchase the property where the Franklin Campus meets. Later in 2021, we will be welcoming our first cohort of residents to the Cross Point Residency, a two-year program to train the next generation of ministry leaders through theological education, mentorship, and hands-on ministry experience. When so many things were put on hold this year, it’s remarkable how God has given us the grace to keep moving forward.



Whether it’s in person or online, for adults or children, He is For The One. Read Jane and Frannie’s stories below:


Jane Taylor, a 3-year-old at our Nashville campus, hadn’t been back to her room in CP Kids since it was damaged in the tornado.  But the morning her little sister was a part of our Child Dedication ceremony, Jane Taylor was really excited to be back at Cross Point.  A volunteer offered to take her back and show her the room, and even though it’s all a construction zone and everything looks different when Jane Taylor saw her classroom she excitedly pointed and said, “That’s it!  That’s where I raise my hallelujah!”


Frannie lives in New York and started joining Cross Point Online this summer. In August she gave her life to Christ and decided to text in to let us know. She told us she felt at home watching each week and was inspired by the beautiful images from our baptisms in the Harpeth River. In November she and a friend decided to road trip to Nashville for Frannie to get baptized. After her baptism, she asked if she could help other people have the same experience she had by serving with Cross Point Online. So we got her all set up to be one of our hosts in the live broadcast chatrooms each week. 


So THANK YOU, for what you’ve already given, and as you’re considering what your year-end giving might look like, we want to highlight a few specific things on this list. Click on the photos below to see what’s next.

For The One 2020 Update

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What Is For The One?