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James, the half-brother of Jesus, wrote a letter to the early church to encourage them in the movement of Jesus – to remind them that movements move! Authentic faith is evidenced by love and good deeds. The movement of God’s love in the world moves forward through sacrificial love. 

In this beautiful practical letter, James teaches us how to endure in the middle of trials, have faith in the midst of adversity, how to treat the less fortunate, use words to give life to others and how to get wisdom in the world. 

Wisdom is understanding the way life works. Proverbs is a wisdom book in the Old Testament, James is like Proverbs in New Testament clothes. This book gives us timeless truths to help us navigate the white water and undercurrent of the world around us.    

Whether you choose to engage in the Movement Group study, in community with others, or choose to participate on your own. We invite you to be a part of the movement and grow closer to Jesus. Movements still move and we’re excited to see how God wants to move through you. 

We are so excited to read through the book of James together, growing deeper in our relationship with Jesus through meditation on God’s word. This reading plan can be done on your own or in community and will complement Sunday’s messages throughout Movement. 

Each week we’ll dive into one chapter with the goal of reading that chapter in its entirety every day and meditating on a few specific scriptures. However you choose to engage this plan, we encourage you to spend a few minutes answering the questions and discussing them with someone you know. It’s amazing how God’s word comes alive when explored in community.

If you’re looking for a challenge we’ve also included key verses throughout the book of James to memorize and implant deep in your heart and share with others.


Here are some best practices/tips for reading:
– Read through the entire book several times. This will help make specific parts of the book make more sense in light of the whole.
– Take notes on what words or ideas are repeated. Since these letters were meant to be read out loud in a group of people, the authors wrote in such a way that things would stick out, be memorable, etc.
– Journal as much as possible in order to help process what you’re reading and to help the truth sink deeper into your heart.
– Talk to others about what you are reading!


The quickest and easiest way to access the Movement Reading plan is via the Cross Point App. To download this App, please use the links below…


The Movement Podcast will run alongside the Sunday Series offering a deeper dive into the content discussed and allowing our speakers to share further information pertinent to the subject discussed.

Our panel of hosts will discuss the topics raised during our study of James and help bring clarity and deeper understanding to these texts and their application in our lives. These podcasts will be available in both video and audio format every Thursday after the Sunday message. To access these various formats, please use the following links.

Links to Podcast: